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Tempo Reale/Ricerca /Asymmetrical Envelope Shapes in Sound Spatialization

Asymmetrical Envelope Shapes in Sound Spatialization


Asymmetrical Envelope Shapes in Sound Spatialization

SMC08Asymmetrical Envelope Shapes in Sound Spatialization

F. Canavese, F. Giomi, D. Meacci and K. Schwoon
Proceedings of the 5th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC 2008), Berlin, Germany – pp. 41-45, 2008.

Amplitude-based sound spatialization without any further signal processing is still today a valid musical choice in certain contexts. This paper emphasizes the importance of the resulting envelope shapes on the single loudspeakers in common listening situations such as concert halls, where most listeners will find themselves in off-centre positions, as well as in other contexts such as sound installations. Various standard spatialization techniques are compared in this regard and a refinement is proposed, which results in asymmetrical envelope shapes. This method combines a strong sense of localization and a natural sense of continuity. Some examples of pratical application carried out by Tempo Reale are also discussed. […]

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