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    SILVANO 90

    Sylvano Bussotti is one of the greatest living Italian composers, and he turns ninety in 2021. In the past years...

    Silenzio, si urla!

    TEMPO REALE EDUCATION Le chiavi della città Silenzio, si urla! Sound awareness project For primary and secondary schools. ➡️  Academic Year 2020/2021 Le Chiavi della città a.s. 2020/2021 Silenzio,...


    [Download the programme in pdf] Composition and performance workshop on voice in electroacoustic music 11-14 September, 2021 Limonaia di Villa Strozzi Tempo Reale, Florence Workshop...

    ZUMTRIO in Lecce

    OFFICINE CANTELMO, LECCE 25 June 2021 ZUMTRIO | Radioscapes live performance Francesco Canavese, electric guitar; Francesco Giomi, analog radio and synths; Stefano Rapicavoli, drums Tickets...