Metamorphosis by Gabriele Marangoni - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Production /Metamorphosis by Gabriele Marangoni

    Metamorphosis by Gabriele Marangoni

    Metamorphosis by Gabriele Marangoni

    Live set for sensor-based interactive instruments and live electronics

    Conception and composition + live performance Gabriele Marangoni
    Interactive instrument design + sound design and live electronics Damiano Meacci – Tempo Reale
    Production Tempo Reale Firenze + Festival Spazio Musica Cagliari
    Coordinated by Giulia Soravia

    Gabriele Marangoni’s new project originates and develops from the concept of continuous change, a perennial becoming that is needed for the very survival of mankind and of every natural living system. Nature presents itself to us in a phase of extreme metamorphosis, and so does society; never as in recent times have changes achieved such a speed and multiplicity. Concepts and structures have taken on a fluidity that allows evolution and transformation towards a future that must necessarily be reinvented. Just like the eternal and ever-changing motion of the oceans and seas, every day dynamic, every day themselves, every day different. It is at this exact time that what becomes necessary is the search for the essential and true, for the most intimate breath of life, ready to regenerate and create a new tomorrow. We must focus on change, find the true essence of every single thing, and abandon, change, or destroy all superstructures that imprison our possible future freedom of being and of expression. Freedom from the preconceived, and rising to a new personal identity that can fit into a new reality. We are immersed in change, we ourselves are the movement of a fluid structure in the making. The possibilities for the creation of new processes are endless, and it is now that we must find the essence of the experiences and structures we have already assimilated, and have them interact and create new emotional and experiential sceneries. As in every moment of historical change, today’s art must rediscover the power of its own language and the strength of its gestures; it must be a primordial force capable of changing shape, renewing itself, and creating new levels of experience and communication, at the same time rediscovering all its primordial strength. Metamorphosis is a sound project that centres on the use of new technologies and a new lutherie, combined with live performance through a new performance practice. “Metamorphosis is continuous modulation. Metamorphosis is movement. Metamorphosis is deflagration and whisper.”


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