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Tempo Reale/Sound Design /Marino Marini Project

Marino Marini Project


Marino Marini Project

Museo Marino Marini

Permanent sound installation for the Marino Marini Museum of Florence

Ideation: Cristina Bucci and Chiara Lachi (Educational Department of Marino Marini Museum)
Sound project: Francesco Giomi
Music: Luigi Mastandrea
Technical assistance: Francesco Casciaro

Production: Marino Marini Museum, Tempo Reale

The Marino Marini Museum of Florence regularly conducts an educational itinerary for children and adults, which includes a study of some of the most significant statues from a visual as well as aural standpoint. Starting from a project by the museum’s Educational Department, Tempo Reale has designed and created the sonification of specific sculptures with a permanent installation aiming to underline their emotional characteristics. The installation applies to three works which also thematically represent Marino Marini’s creative path: “Cavallo”, “Cavaliere”, and finally “Il grido”, which have all been provided with a specially composed narrative musical structure capable of highlighting their evocative and expressive strength.

Museo Marino Marini
Piazza San Pancrazio,
50123 Florence