COOL-Time - Tempo Reale

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Public sound installation for Culture Week
COOL–Time is a work that does not need to be visited, and may instead be perceivedCOOL–Time is a work that does not need to be visited, and may instead be perceivedacoustically in Florence’s Soffiano district and beyond. A large acoustic clock marks the day of the regional initiative with regular intervals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), radiating from the roofs of Villa Strozzi and offering audio content from the musical tradition of Tuscany.

Tempo Reale, always interested in urban soundscapes and with an open view towards all the stimuli a week dedicated to culture can offer, gives the city of Florence an audio experience that will attract the attention of its citizens, stressing the opportunity to think about, benefit from, or simply live with culture in all its most variable forms and expressions.

October 9th to 19th – Villa Strozzi
Regione Toscana / COOL- T
Idea Francesco Giomi
Fulfilment Francesco CanaveseMario Carovani

Repertoire offered by the installation:

Il trenino che parte e va, C.Bueno
Lasciali fare gli rompi le zampine, C. Bueno
Avevo un cavallino, C. Bueno
Storia del grillo, C.Bueno
La canzone dell’anatra, C.Bueno
Una sposa all’abetone, A.Sassetti, Mirella
Pierino e la sua maestra, S.Barzagli, Mirella
La rosa di Mirella, A.Sassetti, Mirella
La gioventù e i tempi moderni, S.Barzagli, Mirella
Il palio di Siena, A.Sassetti, Mirella
Gli sposini e le elezioni, A.Sassetti, Mirella
Porta un bacione a Firenze, Spadaro, Adriano Cecconi
Mattinata fiorentina, Galdieri – D’Anzi, Adriano Cecconi
Valzer della povera gente, Spadaro, Adriano Cecconi
Ciao Firenze ciao, Tiesi – Leoni – Corsini, Adriano Cecconi
Festa del grillo, Masini – Venerin, Adriano Cecconi
Fiorentina, Restelli – Panzeri – Mariotti, Adriano Cecconi
Girotondo fiorentino (parte prima), Lascenza – Dalla – Venerini, Adriano Cecconi