MAXXITempo Reale will have a twofold presence at MAXXI
Tempo Reale will have a twofold presence at MAXXITempo Reale will curate the musical part of two large installation projects, cooperating for the first time with the National Museum of the Arts of the 21st Century. These two works interlace sound planning with gesture interaction technologies, thanks to the participation of just as many workgroups.

Sound installation curated by MAXXI Architettura and Tempo Reale 

Conception: Margherita Guccione and Francesco Giomi
Research project: Laura Felci, Esmeralda Valente, Carla Zhara Buda
Sound project: Francesco Giomi, Caterina Poggesi
Technical and sound project: Francesco Canavese
Coordination and organisation: Loredana Terminio 

TERRITORIALE by Francesco Fonassi
System for two sensitive sound environments 
Project: Francesco Fonassi
Interactive sound systems and sound design: Mario Guida, Damiano Meacci, Francesco Casciaro
Technical – IT prototyping: Giorgio Presti
Production: MAXXI Foundation and Tempo Reale
Coordination and organisation: Loredana Terminio 

Both installations are created within the exposition: 
“Open Museum, Open City”
October 24th – November 22nd, 2014 

“This exposition comes to life throughout the entire museum, a completely out of the ordinary chance to examine some of the most important topics of our times through their sound.”