Sound Design

The centre fosters creative sound design in its various declinations, be it purely functional or an artistic support for public and private exhibitions. Tempo Reale's expert advice and production of content can be applied to various sectors – from the design of specific audio-systems for architectural environments to the realization of sound installations, from the composition of site specific music for exhibitions to the creation of individualized sonorous objects built according to the audio communication needs of institutions and companies. Tempo Reale has dedicated the past years to the construction of a highly prestigious portfolio collaborating with important realities such as Expo2000 in Hannover, the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Rome's Auditorium and MAXXI Museum, the Marino Marini Museum and The Museo del Novecento in Florence.

Handmade Sound

Handmade Sound


Sound installations

This project is defined by the production of new works of sound art following two different directions: on the one hand, sound art as an instrument for reflection on the world of jobs and employment, and on the other an investigation of the physical possibilities offered by everyday objects for the construction of new works.

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oltre lo sguardo



An exposition and event at Florence’s Museo degli Innocenti, with Tempo Reale’s contribution consisting of the audio part of an interactive installation by Italian artist Benedetta Manfriani.

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Natural Machines

Natural Machines

Nuova performance-installazione al Festival PerAspera di Bologna

Curated by Mario Guida and a result of the Creative Coding workshop’s activities, this is a collectively created work which is innovative both in form and in ways of expression. It will be present for three days at Bologna’s festival for rising new tendencies in the performing arts.

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