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    Tempo Reale/Scientific activity /Enrico Pietrocola | CidLink

    Enrico Pietrocola | CidLink

    Enrico Pietrocola | CidLink

    CidLink is a tool to make real-time communication as easy as possible for users. It is built with the digital divide in mind, allowing a reliable experience even on mobile networks and slow commercial networks.

    The CidLink Max version is available directly on the Max Package Manager (CidLink For Max) or in the GitHub page of the project. The beta version, developed by Enrico Pietrocola, is realized with the support of Tempo Reale as part of the research grant for music informatics.

    CidLink is a room based, server/client open source project built with the NodeJS library of SocketIO. Both server and client are available in Javascript and as a Max (Cycling74) package to allow new technologies performers and coders to exchange messages or data on a distance without having to deal with user-side network configuration.
    It can be used for any kind of message and event communication, from realtime chat applications to multi-user cooperative advanced applications such as CidReader, a cooperative PDF reader which uses Cid Link to connect its users.