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    IN_Tempo Reale

    Bando IN_Tempo RealeOpen call for artist hosting in Tempo Reale’s studios at Villa Strozzi in Florence, 2015/2016

    / Progetto SIAE – Classici di oggi
    In collaboration with Fosca and Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea

    : This program is no longer active. For the new residency program promoted by Tempo Reale, please click here: 


    In our present day society plagued by visual saturation, sound research has acquired an important and ethical value in the world of research and education.
    In 2015, Tempo Reale opens its spaces to artists or artistic organizations that are investigating within the boundaries of sound and music using contemporary languages.
    A qualified committee will evaluate and select the submissions, presented through a public call for artists, that will have to describe a creative and/or research project that involves sound. The selected project will be hosted in the fully equipped studios of Tempo Reale’s Villa Strozzi headquarters in Florence.

    This initiative is meant to promote and support contemporary creativity through a simple but tangible gesture animated by the purpose of analysing and sustaining contemporary artistic languages.

    The selected artists will have full access to studios and equipment and they will be free to independently conduct their research. Their work will be supervised in various phases of the residency (introduction, monitoring, conclusion) by specific artistic and technical members of Tempo Reale’s team.

    The length of the residency will be of three months with timetables and deadlines programmed according to the extent of the proposed project, its needs and the number of accepted submissions – whether intensive or spread throughout the weeks – in order to create an environment around Tempo Reale where different artistic ventures coexist. In the centre’s perspective of non-formal education, this coexistence will also allow the genesis of a second complementary layer of experience and exchange. At the end of the residency there will be a chance to show the public the result of the conducted research in the form of a conference/performance in the spaces of Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea or in Villa Strozzi.

    How to participate:

    Send the application form to the e-mail address enclosing:

    1. Presentation of the research project (max 2 pages)

    2. The artist’s or art collective’s CV

    3. A maximum of 3 audio/video samples from your creative portfolio (send a download link)

    The call is open all year round and the projects will be evaluated on a regular basis. There are no limitations when it comes to qualifications, skills and age but the centre does however favor young creativity. At the present moment we do not guarantee accommodation for non-local submissions but we can facilitate the search for lodging.

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