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IL SUONO DELLA RICERCA is a Tempo Reale project achieved thanks to the support of SIAE / Progetto SIAE – Classici di Oggi. This project is composed of four different actions, all connected to the subject of contemporary classical music:


Started in 2015 with the support of SIAE, Tempo Reale’s musical residency project continues regularly throughout 2017-2018 with the title KATE RESIDENCIES. Tempo Reale opens its spaces to musicians and/or artistic entities investigating sound and music to promote contemporary creativity with a research and reflection period of a technical and/or aesthetic nature.

> AUDIOVISIONI SOUNDSCAPE call for proposals

For 2018, Tempo Reale dedicates a new call for proposals to the theme of “sound landscape”: the centre offers young Italian visual artists and electronic musicians the chance to send in a project related to the call, drawing from two separate categories:

a) Real: audiovisual works inspired by existing sound landscapes: a city, a place, an area.

b) Imaginary: audiovisual works inspired by imaginary sound landscapes: invented or virtual.

The selected works will be presented during an all-day event dedicated to the call, within Tempo Reale Festival Y (September 2018).

> TREMA project

The collaboration between Tempo Reale and EMA Vinci Records continues with the TREMA project, aimed to document the centre’s electroacoustic productions. Three digital releases are planned to be created, and each one will be purchasable online on the dedicated page of our website.


Designed for a multi-year period, the MI-FI project is the result of the fully structured collaboration between Tempo Reale and AGON. The project includes a live performance of a show titled SYMPHONY DEVICE – a production by Tempo Reale and the Venice Biennale – in Milan, as well as two events in Florence within Section X of Tempo Reale Festival 2018: a training workshop for young musicians dealing with the development of interactive systems for sound, and a collective concert led by the sound designer Giorgio Sancristoforo.

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