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    Tempo Reale/Research


    Tempo Reale's research activities work on many different levels, going from the definition of new musical contexts to technological experimentation. These activities require intensive periods of experimentation, workshops, conferences and publications regarding the following topics:
    • MUSICAL EXPERIMENTATION. The research of new compositional techniques and new ways of proposing music, with a particular focus on unusual venues, improvisation and new technologies.
    • INTERACTION. The analysis of new kinds of man-machine interactions when it comes to managing and controlling gestural actions during live performances or installations.
    • SOUNDSCAPE. Investigating the sonorous landscape as both a scientific and creative phenomenon.
    • MUSIC NOTATION. The study of new forms of notation for the electronic reproductions of repertoire musical works, with a special regard to Luciano Berio's electronic compositions.
    • DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING. The development of software tools dedicated to the spatialization and live elaboration of sound and to the automation of live performances of electronic music.
    • SOUND ARCHIVE. Maintenance, enhancement and analysis of the centre's historical and current archives.