Tempo Reale's research activities work on many different levels, going from the definition of new musical contexts to technological experimentation. These activities require intensive periods of experimentation, workshops, conferences and publications regarding the following topics:

  • MUSICAL EXPERIMENTATION. The research of new compositional techniques and new ways of proposing music, with a particular focus on unusual venues, improvisation and new technologies.
  • INTERACTION. The analysis of new kinds of man-machine interactions when it comes to managing and controlling gestural actions during live performances or installations.
  • SOUNDSCAPE. Investigating the sonorous landscape as both a scientific and creative phenomenon.
  • MUSIC NOTATION. The study of new forms of notation for the electronic reproductions of repertoire musical works, with a special regard to Luciano Berio's electronic compositions.
  • DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING. The development of software tools dedicated to the spatialization and live elaboration of sound and to the automation of live performances of electronic music.
  • SOUND ARCHIVE. Maintenance, enhancement and analysis of the centre's historical and current archives.

KATE Residencies_resident artists

Season 2018

Graduated in piano, organ, and composition at “G.P. da Palestrina” in Cagliari, Fabio Monni is developing a project which attempts to acknowledge the characteristics of six locations within the city of Florence, their distinctive traits, the way they reflect the lives and humanity of their inhabitants, their rhythms. The project is an attempt to discover a dialogue between different spaces, and to replace the passive listening of a specific urban sound landscape with an active, aware, and creative form of listening. The sonic landscape would therefore be transformed into a source of inspiration for a series of electroacoustic compositions. The project, divided into multiple phases, begins with a study and classification of the sonic landscape and reaches pure compositional abstraction, after going through four separate phases of metabolising and re-working the original material.

Season 2017

A percussionist and independent researcher active in experimental settings, drawing the line between music, performance, and site-specific intervention, Enrico Malatesta’s activity explores the relationship between sound, space, and movement, as well as the vitality of materials with special attention to surfaces, ways of listening, and the definition of multiple information using an ecological and sustainable approach to percussion instruments. His residence centred on Belabor, a project designed to delve deeper into recent intuitions regarding drums and the morphology of surfaces involving a personal research of the actions of beating and listening.

Vincenzo Scorza’s research and audio productions are centred on the meeting point between music and technology, with a number of projects based on the live electronics formula and on specific types of improvisation. During his residency he has collaborated with Sandro Carotti for the work titled CREAZIONE (0), a live set for reciting voice and electronics based on the words in the Bible’s Book of Genesis, which are spliced, destroyed, and recreated by the two artists in an attempt to understand their most profound emotional and musical meaning, trapped within the conventional structures of language.

A sound artist and electroacoustic composer, Andrea Borghi’s work is centred on the relationship between sound and matter. The Superelief project develops the possibility to create surface casts of a specific area or material using rubber, resin or plaster. These molds are then recreated as a positive, obtaining relief surfaces which will then be “played” by a record player prepared with special needles so as to transform the morphological characteristics of the surfaces into hearable sound, along with other different characteristics such as hardness, porosity, density, or roughness.

Claudia Roselli, urban researcher and artist, has invited the musician, urban researcher, and field recording expert Nicola di Croce to collaborate on her project titled Inshallah-Shalom, based on the analysis of a new urban situation where different human types and ethnicities meet, the Sant’Ambrogio neighbourhood in Florence. This phase of the project expands the study of sound landscapes present in specific places in the neighbourhood with the intention of creating sonic landscapes starting from actual recordings, but also based on imaginary cultural landscapes which are particularly connected to the project’s themes.

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MUSICA ELETTRICA / Images from 30 years of sound research

MUSICA ELETTRICA / Images from 30 years of sound research

 Musica Elettrica originates in the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the foundation of Tempo Reale. The book is designed as a visual concert, where historical photographs interact with images of more recent projects and events. The centre’s multifaceted activities are presented as an itinerary through text, photos, posters, and narrative captions, all in close cooperation with the graphic design production, a distinctive element which has precisely defined the centre’s identity for over a decade.

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