IN C - ONLINE - EN LIGNE - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /IN C – ONLINE – EN LIGNE



    Thursday December, 9, 6.30 pm UTC+1
    YouTube Premiere on Tempo Reale channel

    “In C – On line – En Ligne” is a project conceived by the Tempo Reale centre for music research, production, and education, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Montréal, the Schulich School of Music – McGill University, and the CIRMMT research centre, both from Montréal, Canada. The work being performed is “In C” (1964) by Terry Riley, a piece that guarantees great freedom to its musicians, with an improvisational approach to the composer’s indications that guarantees performances that are always different. The musicians of Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble (TREE) and of the Schulich School of Music – McGill University ensemble of Montréal perform the piece as a long-distance dialogue with each other, synchronised thanks to a system specially developed by Tempo Reale.

    Tempo Reale Elettroacustic Ensemble

    Artistic direction: Francesco Canavese

    Marta Ascari: voice
    Francesco Canavese: electric bass
    Andrea Gozzi: electric guitar
    Giovanni Magaglio: synthesizer
    Mattia Loris Siboni: synthesizer

    Coordination: Andrea Gozzi


    Schulich School of Music McGill University Ensemble
    Artistic direction: Guillaume Bourgogne

    Jeanne-Sophie Baron: violin
    Tommy Davis: saxophone
    Manuel Lopez Tovar: vibraphone
    Bailey Wantuch: violin

    Coordination: Kevin Gironnay

    Recorded live on September 26, 2021 at Studio A (Tempo Reale, Florence) and CIRRMT (McGill University, Montréal)