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    Handmade Sound

    Handmade Sound

    header 2013 06HANDMADE SOUND

    Sound installations

    This project is defined by the production of new works of sound art following two different directions: on the one hand, sound art as an instrument for reflection on the world of jobs and employment, and on the other an investigation of the physical possibilities offered by everyday objects for the construction of new works.

    All this is mediated by digital and electroacoustic technologies, which nowadays represent a direction for research both for professions and for artistic expression. The results are presented as three installations created by upcoming artists from the Italian scene: three different views of the relationship between plastic arts, sound, and the world of employment.

    4-12 October 2013

    Florence, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi
    Alberto Tadiello Wile E. Coyote (2012/13), installation

    5-12 October 2013
    Prato, Museo del Tessuto

    Mechi Cena, Francesco Michi Composizione silenziosa (2013), installation

    In network with Contemporanea Festival 2013 – Le Arti della Scena www.contemporaneafestival.it

    15-30 November 2013
    Prato, Museo del Tessuto

    Pastis 42/Italian Textile Sonata
    Installation (2013)
    by Marco and Saverio Lanza

    OPENING: Friday November 15th, 2013, 19:00 hrs


    Activities held within the ToscanaInContemporanea 2012 project of Regione Toscana
    In collaboration with Museo Marino Marini (Firenze), Museo del Tessuto (Prato), Festival Contemporanea (Prato)
    Special thanks to Alberto Salvadori for artistic advice