FABRONI SOUND GARDEN #2. Sound landscapes for the artist’s garden of Palazzo Fabroni - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /FABRONI SOUND GARDEN #2. Sound landscapes for the artist’s garden of Palazzo Fabroni

    FABRONI SOUND GARDEN #2. Sound landscapes for the artist’s garden of Palazzo Fabroni

    FABRONI SOUND GARDEN #2. Sound landscapes for the artist’s garden of Palazzo Fabroni

    PISTOIA, via Santa 5

    Tempo Reale is offering, in the external space of the Museo del Novecento e del Contemporaneo of Pistoia, three performative “sound actions” connected with the space and the artistic significance it conveys: the relationship between a listenable sonic universe and a sonic world to be constructed in the open air. Three different events that feature music and sound to be enjoyed freely, following the constant search for a possible open and surprising sound theatre.

    Friday 8 September 2023, 19 hrs
    A German talent of electronic music who has taught for years at the prestigious Harvard University, Hans Tutschku is considered one of the leading figures in composition today. His project dedicated to the sounds of Japan is an experiential diary that originates from a lasting residence in that country, made fruitful by his constant recording of the most disparate sound materials, captured in completely different regions and contexts and then recomposed. The offering is therefore something of a fantastic symphony on the Japanese country, enjoyed by its audience in a fully immersive manner from within the garden of Palazzo Fabroni, which becomes the scene of an imaginary landscape filled with ancestral symbols and meanings, but also a tool for in-depth study and discovery of distant traditions.

    Sunday 10 September 2023, 19 hrs
    An electroacoustic sound theatre project that sees David Moss, one of the greatest worldwide figures of vocal research, interact with the limitless electroacoustic universe of Tempo Reale’s musicians, in a performance with references ranging from consumer music to the most profound sound experimentation. All this within a state of the art technological framework that employs new techniques of live sound transformation along with uncommon processes for managing the relationship between structure and improvisation.
    David Moss, a US performer who is a longtime Berlin resident, is considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music, and has performed his solo works all over the world. Countless works have been commissioned to him by prestigious ensembles, and just as many have been written for him by equally important composers. His range within all musical genres is infinite and completely original, never renouncing his “academic” ancestry but also his availability to the worlds of the most innovative and unrestrained rock, hip-hop, and jazz.

    Tuesday 12 September 2023, 19 hrs
    Conduction: Daniele Carcassi, Simone Faraci, Francesco Giomi
    Musicians: Franz Ascari, Agnese Banti, Francesco Canavese, Biagio Cavallo, Renato Cordovani, Andrea Fabris, Pierluigi Fantozzi, Andrea Gozzi, Giovanni Magaglio, Stefano Rapicavoli, Andrea Sanna, Andrea Trona
    Inspired by a traditional children’s game, this event places sound, space, and guided improvisation into the centre of its research, combining these elements in an extemporaneous and constantly changing way. Behind a simple model hide a variety of strategies and articulated sound gestures, that unfold around the listeners and surprise them with a continuously changing geometry: the garden is transformed into an open-air laboratory where the audience is immersed in a playful atmosphere made of free and unpredictable music.

    This edition of Fabroni Sound Garden is dedicated to Michele Fiesoli, designer of the garden, gone before his time

    All events free of charge.

    Within the series:
    Thursday, 7 September, 18.00 hrs, Villa Strozzi – Florence
    Hans Tutschku, “Artifical Intelligence for Sound Composition”
    open lesson