FABRONI SOUND GARDEN, Soundscapes for the fine art garden of Palazzo Fabroni - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /FABRONI SOUND GARDEN, Soundscapes for the fine art garden of Palazzo Fabroni

    FABRONI SOUND GARDEN, Soundscapes for the fine art garden of Palazzo Fabroni

    FABRONI SOUND GARDEN, Soundscapes for the fine art garden of Palazzo Fabroni

    In the garden of Palazzo Fabroni in Pistoia, Tempo Reale is offering three performative “sound actions” that connect with the surrounding space and the artistic meaning it conveys: the relationship between the universe of sound to be listened to and a world of sound to be constructed in the open air. Three different events that place under the limelight, music and sound to be enjoyed freely, in their constant search for a possible open and surprising sound theatre.

    Friday 9 September, 2022, 19.00 hrs
    Francesco Giomi, FLORENTIA – Sound action on Florentine traditions
    Francesco Giomi is an Italian composer and researcher who is well rooted in the Tuscan territory but also an expression of a way of making music that is devoted to the openness of languages and to the demands of acoustic ecology. Florentia – the ancient Latin name of the city of Florence – is mainly based on a long series of field recordings made in 2018 during the two main traditional Florentine events: the Scoppio del Carro (“Explosion of the cart”) and the Calcio Storico (“Historical Football”). The result is an ever-changing reinterpretation of a specific sound landscape of Florence, specific in its time and space but capable of evoking the continuous reference to a city that is in constant movement.

    Sunday 11 September 2022, 19.00 hrs
    Bernard Fort, OISEAUX – Sound action on birdsong
    Bernard Fort is one of the most important French electro-acoustic composers, and a true authority in the field of ornithological acoustics. The garden will therefore transform into an enormous sonic aviary, resonating with the song of birds from all over Italy. Fort’s ornithological composition will inhabit Palazzo Fabroni’s horizontal and vertical spaces immersively, within a delicate acousmatic itinerary of rare emotion: the birdsong evolves into a structure of sound, made of heights, phrases, and gestures, all with a poetic expression.

    Tuesday 13 September 2022, 19.00 hrs
    IN A LARGE OPEN SPACE | Collective action for music and dance
    Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble & Cristina Kristal Rizzo
    A choral performance that spreads musicians and dancers around the open spaces of the garden, performing one of the greatest masterpieces of American composer James Tenney. His In a Large Open Space is an open composition where twelve performers choose to play a series of long microtonal pitches, contributing to a single great sound in continuous transformation, ever-changing and completely modulated on its space. On this texture, the dancer and choreographer Cristina Rizzo builds her path in a solo, suggesting encounters and distances with the sound, but exploring the geometries of the outer part of Palazzo Fabroni with her gestures.

    Music by James Tenney
    Choreography and dance: Cristina Kristal Rizzo
    Musicians: Marco Baldini, Agnese Banti, Francesco Canavese, Pierluigi Fantozzi, Simone Faraci, Francesco Giomi, Andrea Gozzi, Giovanni Magaglio, Damiano Meacci, Leonardo Rubboli, Luisa Santacesaria, Andrea Trona

    Free entry.
    The garden of Palazzo Fabbroni is accessed from a specific entry, on Via Santa 5.

    Partners: Comune di Pistoia, Palazzo Fabroni, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Pistoia e Pescia, Regione Toscana, Città Metropolitana di Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Ministero della Cultura