DEDANS–DEHORS. Exploratory sounds and music - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /DEDANS–DEHORS. Exploratory sounds and music

    DEDANS–DEHORS. Exploratory sounds and music

    DEDANS–DEHORS. Exploratory sounds and music

    Bologna, 16 – 26 September 2023

    In collaboration with Ateliersi, Conservatorio di Musica “G.B. Martini”, Festival perAspera, FontanaMIX, MAMbo-Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Slowth Records

    Dedans-Dehors – the title of an important work by electronic music pioneer Bernard Parmegiani – is intended to be a metaphorical reference to a new, carefully structured, and multifaceted presence of Tempo Reale Music Research Centre in Bologna. The project determines the idea of an “inside-outside” with a strong exploratory spirit, through concert initiatives in some of the city’s most central music locations, but also with sound actions to raise awareness on the themes of sound landscape and acoustic ecology for all citizens, allowing to bring greater value to peripheral and less frequented areas of the city.
    Experimentation and artistic-scientific precision go hand in hand in unique and original works and performances, the result of a network of artistic, cultural, and institutional collaborations that fuel Tempo Reale’s manner of doing research. Not only are the initiatives carried out synergically with prestigious partners from Bologna, but also with the involvement of new local musicians and experiences, as well as the “external” presence with the participation of citizens.

    *** DEDANS ***

    Saturday 16 / Sunday 17 September 2023 (20:30/17:30 hrs), Ex chiesa di San Mattia – via S. Isaia 13
    music by Adriano Guarnieri
    on a text by Giorgio Luzzi
    Livia Rado soprano, Francesca Mazza voce recitante

    FontanaMIX ensemble, directed by Francesco La Licata
    Tempo Reale, sound direction and live electronics (Francesco Giomi and Damiano Meacci)
    Production: FontanaMIX, Tempo Reale
    An event within EXITIME 2023

    Monday 18 September 2023, Atelier Sì – via S. Vitale 69, 19.00 hrs
    Simone Faraci | Mføku
    Biagio Cavallo saxophone and live electronics, Donato Emma drums, Simone Faraci synths and live electronics, Simone Grande guitar and live electronics

    Monday 18 September 2023, Atelier Sì – via S. Vitale 69, ore 21.00 hrs
    Sound direction Francesco Giomi
    Luciano Berio, Chants Parallèles (1975-1997)
    Karlheinz Stockhausen, Cosmic Pulses (2007)

    Tuesday 19 September 2023, Atelier Sì – via S. Vitale 69, 19.00 hrs
    Slowth Duo
    Niccoló Salvi synth, Matteo Pastorello synth and live electronics
    Mattia Loris Siboni live electronics, Giulio Stermieri rhodes

    Tuesday 19 September 2023, Atelier Sì – via S. Vitale 69, 21.00
    Francesco Canavese Guitar, Francesco Giomi radio and live electronics, Stefano Rapicavoli drums
    Production: Tempo Reale

    Thursday 21 September 2023, MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna – via Don Giovanni Minzoni 14, 17-20 hrs
    Sound action for a plurality of foosball players and live electronics
    Concept: Francesco Giomi
    Planning and sound design: Agnese Banti, Simone Faraci, Francesco Giomi
    IT project: Andrea Trona, Francesco Vogli
    Live electronics: Simone Faraci
    Sound direction: Francesco Canavese
    Moderator: Agnese Banti
    Competitive players of the FIGEST – Foosball Speciality: Sergio Ciampone, Lorenzo Galletti, Marco Mollichelli, Marco Paganelli, Davide Pino, Mattia Preti
    Recorded voice: Loredana Terminio
    Special thanks: Nicola Colacicco, Luisa Giusti, Serena Roberti, Vincenzo Scorza, Giochi Sport Emilia Romagna ASD, Circolo MCL Villa Maria (Medicina, BO)
    Production: Tempo Reale, perAspera Festival
    In collaboration with: Lega Italiana Calcio Balilla

    An event within perAspera Festival

    Tuesday 26 September 2023, Sala Fugazza – Conservatorio di Musica, piazza Rossini 2, 19.00 hrs
    Conference (18.00 hrs) and acousmatic concert
    Nicola Giannini, Rebonds (2021)
    Nicola Giannini, Architecture éphémère (2023)
    Robert Normandeau, Spleen (1993)
    Robert Normandeau, Tunnel azur (2016)
    Project conceived in collaboration with Andrea Gozzi
    In collaboration with Délégation du Québec à Rome

    *** DEHORS ***

    Sunday 1 October 2023, Tangenziale delle biciclette
    Interactive cycling routes for listening to and reflecting on the sonic landscape
    Concept and conduction: Francesco Giomi, Agnese Banti, Marianna Murgia

    1/10 10:30 hrs > SOUNDRIDE NORD
    Parco di Villa Angeletti, Parco del Dopolavoro Ferroviario, Giardino Charlie Parker/John Lennon
    Meeting point: Piazza XX Settembre
    1/10 17:30 hrs> SOUNDRIDE SUD
    Giardini Margherita, Giardino Carlo Descovich, Giardini di Villa Cassarini
    Meeting point: Giardini Margherita, Porta Santo Stefano entry

    25 September, 22.00 hrs, City centre
    Soundwalk | NOTTE
    Sound walk through nocturnal Bologna
    Conduction: Simone Faraci
    Meeting point: piazza Rossini

    In case of inclement weather, the thematic routes will be postponed to a later date.
    The Soundrides have a duration of approx. 90 minutes and one’s own vehicle is required.

    Ex Chiesa di San Mattia: 10€ (concessions 8/5€); Atelier Sì: 5€ (double concert); MAMbo, Conservatorio, Soundride, and Soundwalk: participation is free of charge

    DEDANS-DEHORS is part of Bologna Estate 2023, the programme of activities promoted and coordinated by Comune di Bologna and by Città metropolitana di Bologna – Territorio Turistico Bologna-Modena.