#NATIVI100 - Tempo Reale

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    Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia
    18 December 2021 – 5 June 2022

    1995 | Sound installation for Gualtiero Nativi

    Luoghi sonori

    An event within the #NATIVI100 exhibition curated by Giovanna Uzzani

    This exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pistoian painter Gualtiero Nativi (1921-1999), an acknowledged master of post-World War II Italian abstract art.

    The hashtag in the title, taken from the language of social networks, is added as a strong sign of idea aggregation; it refers to the centenary celebration, as well as to the choice of displaying a total of one hundred works in Palazzo Fabbroni, narrating a story that goes from the early works from the 1940s to the most extreme ones, also offering a glance on sculpture. […] Within the exhibition, two sound installations by Tempo Reale offer other perceptive experiences: the first is connected to Nativi’s voice, which spreads from the first room with his self-portrait, to evoke the suggestion of an artistic and human life story; the second, using music by Vittorio Gelmetti composed specifically for a 1960 exhibition, refers to the artist’s interest in sound research seen as akin to the visual research of painting. […]

    Sound installation for Gualtiero Nativi

    Conception: Francesco Giomi
    Sound design and direction: Agnese Banti
    Technical assistance: Leonardo Rubboli
    Production: Tempo Reale

    A sound portrait of Gualtiero Nativi, in dialogue with his works and with the space decoration interventions he performed. The artist’s voice emerges with the evocation of fragments of his way of thinking. The voice materials are from the interview curated by Mirella Branca and Anna Rita Caputo (Greve, 30 April 1995).

    Luoghi sonori
    Sonification by Francesco Giomi

    Sound materials taken from Modulazioni per Michelangelo (1965), by Vittorio Gelmetti

    This installation is inspired by the two electroacoustic compositions created by Vittorio Gelmetti for the Berti/Nativi exhibition, curated by Ermanno Migliorini, February-March 1960, Florence, Galleria d’arte internazionale, Via Tornabuoni 5. These sound materials were produced by Gelmetti at the Discoteca di Stato sound archive with tracks created by the Electroacoustics Laboratory of the Institute of Telecommunications in Rome.

    Opening Saturday 18 December 2021, 18:30 / 21:00 hrs
    [Download invitation]

    Catalogue presentation Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 17.00 hrs
    Sala Cinema, Museo Novecento
    Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10, Florence

    Introductory remarks:
    Sergio Risaliti, Artistic Director of Museo Novecento, Florence,

    Eva Francioli, Scientific Coordinator, Museo Novecento, Florence;
    Giovanna Uzzani, Art Historian and curator of the #NATIVI100 exhibition;
    Alessandro Masetti, co-author of the catalogue, Giovanni Michelucci Foundation onlus;
    Agnese Banti, co-author with Francesco Giomi of the exhibition’s sound installations (Tempo Reale).

    Image: G. NATIVI, Fregio, 1957, lacquers over metal, cm 50×650, Florence, Centro Tecnico Federale di Coverciano-Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio