Many More Voices | David Moss & Tempo Reale - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Productions /Many More Voices | David Moss & Tempo Reale

    Many More Voices | David Moss & Tempo Reale

    Many More Voices | David Moss & Tempo Reale

    A purely musical performance with the voice of David Moss interacting with the limitless electroacoustic universe, from references to consumer music to the deepest sonic experimentation. All this within an advanced technological framework that employs new techniques for the live transformation of sound, interacting with unusual processes for the management of the relationship between structure and improvisation.

    David Moss, voice
    Francesco Canavese and Francesco Giomi, sound & live electronics

    [VIDEO] Many More Voices

    David Moss. Considered one of the most innovative singers of contemporary music, he has performed his solo works all over the world. Moss is the co-founder, with Muziektheater Transparant, and artistic director of the Institute for Living Voice (ILV), a centre that hosts workshops held by internationally renowned singers. The ILV presented its first workshop session in Ghent, Belgium, in September 2001, and then presented its June 2004 workshop session in Amsterdam (as part of the Holland Festival), and the October 2004 session within the Melbourne Festival. Countless works have been commissioned to him by prestigious ensembles, and just as many have been written for him by equally important composers. His range within all musical genres is infinite and utterly original, never renouncing his “academic” ancestry but also his availability to the worlds of the most innovative and unrestrained rock, hip-hop, and jazz.

    This project originates in Tempo Reale with the collaboration between Francesco Canavese and Francesco Giomi (until 2017 known as “Sdeng”, produced by Lunatica Festival/Provincia di Massa Carrara, Castello in Movimento/Castello Malaspina di Fosdinovo, Tempo Reale). Canavese is a guitarist and jazz composer as well as an expert in music computing who in recent years has specialised as a live electronics performer, participating in performance projects and installations of many kinds. Giomi, who is a composer and sound director, collaborates with important choreographers, directors, and performers; his electronic music works are performed in many concert situations and have won awards in international contests.

    Cascina (PI), Fosfeni, 11 March 2011 (preview)
    Castello di Fosdinovo (MC), Lunatica Festival, 27 July 2011
    Museo Marino Marini (FI), antiCOntemporaneo, 28 July 2011
    Copenaghen (DK), Wundergrund Festival, 1 November 2011
    Venice, La Biennale/Sezione Musica, 9 October 2013
    Rome, RomaEuropaFestival, 22 November 2014
    Warsaw, Warsaw Autumn Festival, 16 September 2017
    Florence, Parco di Villa Strozzi, ARIA. Suoni e musica di ricerca, 15 June 2022 /cancelled due to bad weather/
    Pistoia, Giardino di Palazzo Fabroni, Fabroni Sound Garden #2, 10 September 2023
    Milan, Teatro Arsenale, Parade Electronique, 12 October 2023