Lumières d'Automne sur l'Arno - Bernard Fort - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Productions /Lumières d’Automne sur l’Arno – Bernard Fort

    Lumières d’Automne sur l’Arno – Bernard Fort

    Lumières d’Automne sur l’Arno – Bernard Fort

    IMGP1420bassaOn November 22nd at 7 PM the sound installation Lumières d’Automne sur l’Arno by Bernard Fort will be unveiled, with the curation of Tempo Reale. This work, created for Progetto RIVA for the fiftieth anniversary of the flooding of Florence, will be accessible until December 17th at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea.

    Project produced within the Sensi Contemporanei per la Toscana program and Toscanaincontemporanea2016 – Regione Toscana

    Following his FIELD RECORDING ARNO workshop, Bernard Fort is presenting his latest work, Lumières d’Automne sur l’Arno, a possible sound portrait of River Arno which is integrated within the initiatives supported by Progetto RIVA. Starting from the field recordings made from Passerella dell’Isolotto to Ponte all’Indiano in front of Parco delle Cascine, this sonic work is structured on two different registers: the acoustic, figurative and realistic image, and the composed or acousmatic image.

    The sound installation (opening November 22nd at 7 PM) will therefore be hosted in two environments, one being outside the Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea space and the other inside. The sound image, representing a natural open air situation, is in this case offered indoors, in the periodicals section of Murate: the attention is concentrated on rendering the space and its depth of field within a large fixed plain. From the continuous and regular sound background of the city surface, distant voices are heard coming from the opposite shore while all around various types of bird, still present at the beginning of Autumn, can be heard: Green Woodpecker, Warbler, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Robin, Carrion Crow, Kingfisher, along with vast clouds of Common Starlings and a number of Rose-Ringed Parakeets which, escaping from captivity, fly past the river and slowly colonise the Parco delle Cascine.
    At the same time, the outside space offers a composed, discreet image, devoting itself to the song of water. Variations on the theme of the water drop, from finest rain to macroscopic representations, with the emergence of rhythms and melodies in a reconstituted, recomposed, supernatural space.

    Progetto RIVA promotes new forms of investigation and commissions interventions and artistic research centred on the Arno river, with the artistic direction of Valentina Gensini and the partnership of Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Tempo Reale and the Studio Marangoni Foundation. The project is configured as an artistic and interdisciplinary platform involving artists, architects, curators, cultural operators and institutions within a cultural, artistic, environmental, and social project. Starting from last May, RIVA has hosted international performers, visual artists, and photographers for residency periods in the city of Florence, directed to the undertaking of site-specific artistic projects, workshops, and public talks on the valorisation of the riverside park.

    November 22nd – December 17th 2016
    Lumières d’Automne sur l’Arno
    Sound installation
    at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea