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    Tempo Reale/Productions /LOG OUT | Audiovisual work

    LOG OUT | Audiovisual work

    LOG OUT | Audiovisual work

    The Factory prd & Giovanni Magaglio

    Audiovisual work

    work in progress programmed for section z of “Suono Vivo”
    Tempo Reale Festival 2018 in Florence, December

     A person who is not a character, and is instead the Common Man, singular and collective. And his synapses are simple and basic electrical impulses. Both are under the constant, increasing, and obsessive pressure of a reality that imposes a hectic pace and an amount of data, information, and inputs that is too large to be processed, felt, or even thought of in its entirety. A thin trickle of sand falling from above, a gigantic hourglass marking global time and global evolution, a continuous loop where every search for oneself will end up getting lost once again in a chaos of numbers, information, judgments, and rules.

    Conception and playwriting: Elena Poggioni, Stefano Poggioni, Giovanni Magaglio
    Direction: Stefano Poggioni
    Music: Giovanni Magaglio
    Production: Tempo Reale

    This work, originated from the collaboration between Tempo Reale and the video production cultural association The Factory prd, steers away from all the beaten paths of visual and sonic communication, mixing styles, frameworks, techniques, and innovative and experimental technologies that go from video art to plastic arts, from sound art to industrial technology, to investigate the relationship between the simplest components of human thought and the immensity of contemporary society, with all its impositions, its influences, and its constant and futile search for balance.

    With support by MIBAC and SIAE, within the “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura” initiative.

    photo © The Factory prd