IN-NATURALE, Sound installation for Luciano Berio - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Productions /IN-NATURALE, Sound installation for Luciano Berio

    IN-NATURALE, Sound installation for Luciano Berio

    IN-NATURALE, Sound installation for Luciano Berio

    On the occasion of Dialoghi: Festival Luciano Berio – Radicondoli 2023, Tempo Reale has designed a sound installation dedicated to its founder.

    26 May – 25 June 2023
    Palazzo Bizzarrini, Exhibition space
    Tempo Reale
    Sound installation for Luciano Berio
    Sound project: Simone Faraci and Francesco Giomi
    Technical realisation: Francesco Canavese (coord.), Giovanni Magaglio, Leonardo Rubboli

    To refer in any way to Luciano Berio’s music is in itself a complex undertaking, if not for how his artistic experience has incorporated references and practices that are open to the plurality of music, and as such are permeable to a possible constant process of recontextualization. This is how fragments from some of his fundamental works (such as Naturale featuring the voice of Sicilian singer-storyteller Celano), as well as sound objects from his limitless documentary excursions, emerge and join together in a surprising and evocative layout, enriched by the same spatial dimension that Berio loved so much as a composer and used ever since the earliest manifestations of his repertoire.

    This installation is therefore a true homage offered by Tempo Reale, a score for sounds and voices, a small and partial journey within one of the most influential minds of the 20th century, with the aim to provide awareness and further discovery of the great master’s work.

    Tempo Reale will participate in the Festival inauguration with Franz Ascari and Simone Faraci acting as electroacoustic narrators.

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