HZERO, sound conception, design, and projection - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Productions /HZERO, sound conception, design, and projection

    HZERO, sound conception, design, and projection

    HZERO, sound conception, design, and projection

    HZERO. The miniature railway undertaking

    Ex cinema Ariston, Florence
    Founder: Giuseppe di San Giuliano
    Curation: Alberto Salvadori
    Team: Marco Baldi, Carlo Brandolini D’Adda, Beppe Innocenti, Giuseppe Mutolo, Edoardo Pennacchio, Alberto Pero Proietti
    Staging: Alberto Salvadori, in collaboration with Karmachina and Tempo Reale

    The audio part of Hzero, conceived by Tempo Reale and brought to life with Mediacare, the technical partner, combines two significant aspects: an immersive original content capable of supporting and integrating the visual and objectual component of the exposition space, and a highly innovative technical solution for the diffusion of sound in space. Musical, multilingual, anecdotal, and abstract elements all coexist, developing a narrative path that starts from the video scenography to connect with the miniature trains and with a fruition of the sound that has perspective and is surprising. The sound structure is diffused through a minute and complex system composed of over fifty loudspeakers, controlled by a Wafe Field Synthesis technology that can submerge the listener into an audio landscape that combines real and imaginary worlds in a three-dimensional form.

    Francesco Giomi: artistic coordination and sound design
    Simonluca Laitempergher: music and sound design
    Francesco Canavese: technical coordination ad sound design
    Loredana Terminio: organisational coordination

    photo ANSA.it