FLORENTIA | Sound action on Florentine traditions - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Productions /FLORENTIA | Sound action on Florentine traditions

    FLORENTIA | Sound action on Florentine traditions

    FLORENTIA | Sound action on Florentine traditions

    Florentia – the ancient Latin name of the city of Florence – is mainly based on a long series of field recordings collected in 2018 during the two main traditional Florentine events: the Scoppio del Carro (“Explosion of the cart”) and the Calcio Storico (“Historic Football”). These sound materials have been selected, edited, and offered in a musical key, constructing a new dramaturgical score that is formally structured over time, organised in a series of parallel sound layers. The sound restitution of this work can be recomposed each time through an activity of live interpretation of these elements, which the performer orients and modulates in an extemporaneous way, adding further simple material. The result is an endlessly changing re-reading of a specific Florentine sonic landscape, well-defined in time and space but capable of evoking constant references to the popular tradition of a city that is in constant movement.


    Sound action on Florentine traditions (2021)
    Project and live electronics: Francesco Giomi
    Production: Tempo Reale within the Il paesaggio sonoro in cui viviamo (“The sonic landscape we live in”) European project, supported by the Erasmus+ programme (2016-2019)
    Field recording: Simone Faraci, Giovanni Magaglio, Leonardo Rubboli
    Recorded voice: Michela Atzeni


    October 9th 2021, Milan – Teatro Arsenale

    September 9th 2022, Pistoia – Palazzo Fabroni
    FABRONI SOUND GARDEN, Paesaggi di suono per il giardino d’autore di Palazzo Fabroni

    October 12th 2022, Cagliari  – Atmospheres, Festival SpazioMusica 2022

    November 17th 2002, Montréal, Ondes Sonores Italiannes

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