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    Tempo Reale/Productions /Tempo Reale | FOUR SEATS (Take Your Seat )

    Tempo Reale | FOUR SEATS (Take Your Seat )

    Tempo Reale | FOUR SEATS (Take Your Seat )

    Through an iconic object like the chair, the Take Your Seat exhibition tell show design has conveyed languages and content through the greatest changes in society and how it has been able to react to new cultural paradigms. Distributed in the four pavilions of the Supersalone (Rho Fiera, 5-10 September), the exhibition is divided into just as many thematic sections, with the addition of an “extra” one inside the ADI Design Museum, the ideal conclusion – or beginning – of the route.

    Take Your Seat / Prendi Posizione

    Solitude and Conviviality of the Chair / Solitudine e convivialità della sedia

    curated by Nina Bassoli, installation design by Alessandro Colombo and Perla Gianni Falvo

    Electa catalogue presentation, Wednesday 4 September 11.00 hrs, ADI Design Museum

    Inauguration Wednesday 4 September 18.30 hrs, ADI Design Museum- Supersalone Thursday 5 September

    P.S. admission to the Museum is free, while a ticket is required for the Salone

    5-10 September 2021

    ADI Design Museum, Milan

    Tempo Reale | FOUR SEATS

    Sound installation for ADI Design Museum

    Project: Francesco Giomi

    Composition: Simone Faraci, Francesco Giomi, Giovanni Magaglio, Mattia Siboni

    Technical realisation: Francesco Canavese, Giovanni Magaglio

    Commissioned by: ADI Design Museum Milano

    Produced by: Tempo Reale Firenze

    The chairs tell of memories, suggest actions and expectations, act as engines of reflection and incentive for a myriad of activities, from work to cooking, from domestic habitat to outdoors. Four sound designers interpret four different themes connected to “the universe of the chair”, following the cardinal points described by the “Take Your Seat” exhibition at Salone del Mobile, but constructing an immersive sound environment specific to the ADI Design Museum hall. Four musical moments alternate without interruption, on the one hand stimulating the visitor acoustically, on the other marking a geometry of sound spaces in constant modulation.