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    Tempo Reale/Productions /DMS – Digital Surveillance Model

    DMS – Digital Surveillance Model

    DMS – Digital Surveillance Model

    Installazione Udine Miele Presidio modelo2 1The installation DSM – Digital Surveillance Model is a concept inspired by the Panopticon, designed by Jeremy Bentham in 1791, and by the metaphor of invisible power explored in the years following its creation. In DSM, the idea of a digital eye designed for surveillance transforms into an ear assigned to the perception of surveillance, where the end-user becomes an external element and at the same time an individual involved within.

    The sounds which compose the articulations of DSM have been recorded in the field, inside the prison of Sollicciano in Florence, by Valeria Muledda and other field recordists within the “Le paysage sonore dans lequel nous vivons” European project, guided by Tempo Reale with four international partners (GMVL; Amici della Musica di Cagliari; AFEA/Festival DEM; EPHMEE).
    DSM describes detention spaces through the paradox of a fruition which is completely free of constraints, favouring the ear as the exclusive receiver of a model which, like the Panopticon itself, is quintessentially visual.

    June 16th to 24th, 2018
    Opening Saturday, June 16th, 11:00 hrs
    Thursday to Sunday, 15:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs
    Antiche carceri del Castello di Udine
    DSM – Digital Surveillance Model
    Sound installation
    Planning/Composition Salvatore Miele
    Field Recording Valeria Muledda

    Produced by Tempo Reale, Spazioersetti

    Access allowed only with guide
    For groups of five

    An event within IL SUONO IN MOSTRA 2018