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    Tempo Reale/Productions /Bussotti | Apology

    Bussotti | Apology

    Bussotti | Apology

    From the perspective of the idea of total work of art that Sylvano Bussotti embodies throughout his career, cinema plays a leading role. Along with the absolutely avant-garde experiment of Rara Film (1965-69), Apology constitutes one of the most significant pieces of his art: filmed in Berlin in 1972, the film is a true rarity that has long been awaiting a significant process of sonification. This feat is undertaken by a heterogeneous quintet of performers, now widely accustomed to the challenges of Bussotti’s music and, on several occasions, dedicatees of his original works.

    Apology (1972) – feature film
    Film and music by Sylvano Bussotti
    Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble
    Monica Benvenuti, coordination, voice
    Luca Paoloni, violin
    Umi Carroy, piano
    Jonathan Faralli, percussion
    Francesco Giomi, electronics
    Produced by Tempo Reale


    photo: video frame from Apology (1972)