ZUMTRIO - Tempo Reale

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Francesco Canavese electric guitar
Francesco Giomi radios and synthesizers
Stefano Rapicavoli drums
Production: Tempo Reale

A project halfway between structure and improvisation, with a strongly “electric” nature, opening to different languages and ways of interaction, and with an almost limitless expressive variety: these are the main elements of an experience born within Tempo Reale which explores a free and entertaining conception of hospitality. Three musicians with strong links to Tempo Reale, with musical roots as much in the experimental electronic avant-garde as they are in research jazz, generating unexpected and surprising sonic, electronic, and emotional landscapes.

Concert history:
ZUMTRIO @ Torino Jazz Festival (2018)
Parade Électronique 2019 (22 novembre @ Fabbrica del Vapore / Teatro Arsenale – Milano)
Le forme del suono, Latina (2019)
IN SOUND, ArteScienza, Roma (2019)
Notturno Elettrico, Firenze (2018)
Tempo Reale Festival 2018 – KLANG MUSICA SPERIMENTALE #9