Santa CroceFor Secret Florence second edition, special project of Estate Fiorentina in collaboration with Pitti Immagine, Tempo Reale offers two projects focusing on the relationship between sound and space: Symphony Device, sound theatre for devices, animating the locations of the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi (former tobacco factory); and Percorso Silenzio, an intense listening experience of silence and soundscape in the Basilica of Santa Croce

>June, 10th - at 5.30 and 7 pm
Ex-Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence
Sound theater for devices

A real concert for devices: tv, hard disk, scanners, printers, blenders and other objects all hacked turn into a new humanless ensemble

>June, 12th and 14th - at 7 and 8.30 pm
Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence
Viaggio alla scoperta acustica di S. Croce

A silent path through the monumental complex, closed to the general public, to repossess spaces and architectures. A powerful, unique sensorial experience

In collaboration with Opera di santa Croce

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Download here the full Secret Florence program

Secret Florence is part of the "Programma Speciale Fiere Pitti Immagine 2017" (Special Fair Program at Pitti Immagine 2017) promoted by Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana (Florence Centre for Italian Fashion) and supported by Mise (Ministero Sviluppo Economico - Ministry for Economical Development) and Agenzia Ice as part of the general support project for Italian fairs and the Made in Italy brand

In collaboration with Comune di Firenze, Estate di Firenze 2017