ZUMTRIO @ Parade Électronique (Milan) - Tempo Reale

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    ZUMTRIO @ Parade Électronique (Milan)

    ZUMTRIO @ Parade Électronique (Milan)

    November 22, Teatro Arsenale (Milan)
    Parade Électronique 2019


    Francesco Canavese electric guitar
    Francesco Giomi radio and synths
    Stefano Rapicavoli drums

    A project divided between structure and improvisation, a strongly “electric” nature, open to many different languages and methods of interaction, with an expressive diversity with almost no borders: these are the fundamental elements of an experience that originated within Tempo Reale, exploring a free and enjoyable idea of hospitality. Three musicians with strong links to Tempo Reale and with musical roots that go back to the early experimental music avantgarde as well as to research jazz, generating unexpected and surprising sonic, electronic, and emotional landscapes.

    Supported by SIAE – Classici di Oggi 2018-19