Zumtrio @ ArteScienza - Tempo Reale

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Zumtrio @ ArteScienza

Zumtrio @ ArteScienza

ZUMTRIO @ ArteScienza
IN SOUND, Tuesday 2nd July, 22:45 hrs
GOETHE-INSTITUT – Giardino Alto, Rome
[photo © The Factory prd]

Tempo Reale takes part in ArteScienza with a live show by ZUMTRIO.

Zumtrio is a project halfway between structure and improvisation, with a strongly electric nature, opening to different languages and ways of interaction, creating a variety of expression that almost has no borders: these are the fundamental elements of an experience born within Tempo Reale which explores a free, exciting idea of welcoming. The project’s musical roots lie just as much in the avant-garde of experimental electronics as they are in experimental jazz, catalysing impromptu and surprising sonic, electronic, and emotional landscapes.

with Francesco Canavese electric guitar, Francesco Giomi radio and synthesizers, Stefano Rapicavoli drums
Production: Tempo Reale
With support by SIAE – CLASSICI DI OGGI 2018-19

Tuesday, 2nd July, 22:45 hrs
GOETHE-INSTITUT – Giardino Alto, Rome
Tickets € 10, reduced rate € 8, Goethe-Institut card holders € 5
More info: http://www.artescienza.info/it/programma-it/in-sound-2.html