Ùtera, Gabriele Marangoni – world premiere - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Coproductions and collaborations /Ùtera, Gabriele Marangoni – world premiere

    Ùtera, Gabriele Marangoni – world premiere

    Ùtera, Gabriele Marangoni – world premiere

    Teatro Cavallerizza, Reggio Emilia

    Sabato, November 2nd 2019, 20.30 hrs

    Ùtera, Gabriele Marangoni – world premiere

    13 Configurations for electroacoustic ensemble, performer with biodynamic sensors, video, and spatialized voices

    Stefania Tansini performer / dancer

    Secret Theater Ensemble

    Choir L’Indaco

    Tempo Reale electronics (Giovanni Magaglio, Damiano Meacci)

    Dario Garegnani director

    Produced by Fondazione I Teatri / Festival Aperto

    In Ùtera, the integration of expressive and technological means is pushed to a level that transcends the concert and becomes a full sensory experience. The electro-acoustic ensemble acts as an extension of the human body, intended as the performer/dancer, thanks to biodynamic sensors that transform muscular tension into output that can modify the sound in real time.

    Live performers, live electronics, spherical spatialization techniques, a glowing score: no element of the work exists separate from the others. The theatrical space therefore becomes a sonic and architectural uterus, where “the gesture becomes the journey, the universe becomes interiority, the view becomes thought, in an environment powered by human potential and by technology. A utopia of creation.” (G.M.)