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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /Tempo Reale for “ALBERT MAYR Time Aspects”

    Tempo Reale for “ALBERT MAYR Time Aspects”

    Tempo Reale for “ALBERT MAYR Time Aspects”

    Within the context of the exhibition “ALBERT MAYR Time Aspects” scheduled at the Museion of Bolzano and curated by Frida Carazzato and Andreas Hapkemeyer, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of this South Tyrolean artist, Tempo Reale will be curating two collateral events:

    March 30, 2023

    A performance of Albert Mayr’s Tape for live musicians (1971) with Francesco Canavese (guitar) and Francesco Giomi (electronics), on the occasion of Museion suona Albert Mayr (Museion plays Albert Mayr) with Francesco Canavese, Francesco Giomi, Francesco Michi, Luca Miti, and Stefano Zorzanello

    April 29, 2023

    Nel Contesto (In Context), a sound walk with Simone Faraci

    The exhibition includes documents from the Mayr Collection, which is kept in Tempo Reale’s archives.

    For further information see https://www.museion.it/2023/03/albert-mayr-time-aspects/

    Photo: Albert Mayr, Time – Aspects, 1975-1976, black and white photograph (7 parts), 30.5 x 24 cm. Museion Collection