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    Tempo Reale | EMS 2018


    Tempo Reale | EMS 2018

    Villa Finaly vb minWithin the international EMS 2018 (Electroacoustic Music Studies conference), Tempo Reale is offering a special concert with music by Camilleri, Casciaro/Trovalusci, Giomi, Laitempergher, Schwoon and the participation of flautist Gianni Trovalusci.

    Gianni Trovalusci flute
    Francesco Casciaro dot matrix printer
    Francesco Giomi sound projection

    Kilian Schwoon,  Pendelnde Schatten, for flute and electronics (2010), 12′

    Francesco Giomi, Scabro, for tape (2011), 8′

    Lelio Camilleri, Minimal Poems, for tape (2012), 8′ 45”

    Simonluca Laitempergher, Otkaz, for tape, (2016), 6′

    Francesco Casciaro and Gianni Trovalusci, Whistle Dots, for flute and dot matrix printer (2018), ab 10′
    World premiere