SILVANO 90 - Tempo Reale

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    SILVANO 90

    SILVANO 90

    Sylvano Bussotti is one of the greatest living Italian composers, and he turns ninety in 2021. In the past years Tempo Reale has already been paying homage to him with a cycle of projects that reinterpret in a new and very current light a series of works from his lesser-known musical production. These programmes – put together in collaboration with Bussotti himself and with Rocco Quaglia – revolve around the voice of Monica Benvenuti (the iconic singer of the Florentine maestro) as well as around the use of electronic instruments, which is unprecedented for the composer. The concert therefore presents itself as a unique and surprising cohesive whole within the interpretative range of his music.

    SYLVANO 90
    Monica Benvenuti, vocals
    Francesco Giomi, electronics
    Music by Sylvano Bussotti
    Production: Tempo Reale

    Sylvano Bussotti, Il Nudo – quarta parte, per voce sola (1963), text by Aldo Braibanti

    Sylvano Bussotti, Arcangeli (2008), version for voice and electronics
    1. Arcangelo Gabriele, giardiniere
    2. Arcangelo Michele, musicista
    3. Arcangelo Raffaele, ragazzo

    Sylvano Bussotti, Attacca subito – frammenti (2013). Version for solo electronics

    Sylvano Bussotti, Lachrimae, per ogni voce (1978). Version for voice and electronics

    Monica Benvenuti
    Monica Benvenuti is a Florentine singer who has developed a specific interest for 20th century and contemporary music, leading her to explore the potential of the human voice in relation to the different musical languages, from recitation to opera singing, through multiple expressive levels. She has held concerts in Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan (Tokyo, Suntory Hall), Brazil, Belgium, often performing music written for her. In 2004 she was a guest of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino for Volo di notte by Dallapiccola, and of Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid in the role of the protagonist of La passion selon Sade by Silvano Bussotti. She performed Bussotti’s music once again in July 2007, in a part specifically written for her in the opera Silvano/Sylvana, at the Academy of S.Cecilia.

    Francesco Giomi
    Composer, improviser and sound director, Francesco Giomi has developed a long-time experience in the field of research music and of its relationship with the other arts. In the past decade he has dedicated his attention specifically to live electronics, performing both as soloist and as part of ensembles. He has collaborated for many years with Tempo Reale, of which he is currently the director; in this context he has directed the centre’s production team in the main theatres worldwide for the works of Luciano Berio, and has also collaborated with musicians and artists such as Virgilio Sieni, Henri Pousseur, Micha Van Hoecke, David Moss, Uri Caine, Sonia Bergamasco, Jim Black, Simona Bertozzi, Elio Martusciello. He teaches Electroacoustic Musical Composition at the Bologna Conservatory of Music.

    photo © Giulia Sarno


    BOLOGNA, Museo internazionale e biblioteca della Musica di Bologna
    26 November 2021 [cancelled]

    8 October 2021

    19 June 2021