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    Tempo Reale/News /Udine, Il suono in mostra | Daniela Cattivelli

    Udine, Il suono in mostra | Daniela Cattivelli


    Udine, Il suono in mostra | Daniela Cattivelli

    Il suono in mostra | Udine 1-9 June 2019
    Daniela Cattivelli
    unevenin sound installation
    Production: Tempo Reale, Spazioersetti

    uneven draws inspiration from a sketch drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, titled “the voice of the echo” and included in the Codex Atlanticus, the largest collection of drawings and writings made by the Italian inventor, artist, and scientist. To explain the acoustic phenomenon of sound reflection, Leonardo depicts a horn player between two walls built so as to repeat and multiply the acoustic signal produced by the instrument.

    Starting from a displacement and an elaboration of the elements shown in Leonardo’s sketch, the installation creates a specific listening dimension which interacts with the architectural elements and unique acoustic effects present in the Sala Politi of Palazzo Camavitto, which will host the sound project. The installation device opens to an experience of spatial perception in relation to sound, playing with one of the most popular phenomena of sound reflection: the echo.

    Come si debe fare la voce d’eco, che per ogni cosa, che tu dirai, ti sarà molte voci risposto. Braccia 150 da l’uno all’altro muro: la voce ch’esce del corno si forma ne la contrapposta parete, e di lì, risalta alla seconda, e dalla seconda alla prima, come una bal[l]a, che balza fra due muri, che diminuisce i balzi, e così diminuissce la voce. La voce, partita da l’omo e ripercossa ne la pariete, fuggirà di sopra, se arà ritenaculo di sopra a essa pariete con angolo retto; la faccia di sopra, rimanderà la voce inver la sua cagione. – Leonardo da Vinci

    How one should make the voice of the echo, which whatever thing you may say will be repeated to you in many voices. 150 braccia from one wall to the other. The voice which issues forth from the horn forms itself on the opposite wall and from there leaps back to the second, and from the second back to the first, as a ball that rebounds between two walls which diminishes its bounds; and so the voices grow less. The voice, after having proceeded from the man and having been beaten back by the wall, will fly upwards. If there be a ledge above this wall with a right angle, the surface above will send back the voice towards its cause.– Leonardo da Vinci

    Suono in Mostra | Udine 1-9 June 2019
     sound installation
    Tempo Reale, Spazioersetti

    Sala Politi di Palazzo Politi Camavitto Via A. Zanon 6
    1 – 9 June, Thursday to Sunday 15:30 to 19:00
    INAUGURATION: Saturday June 1st, 16:45 hrs

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