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    Tempo Reale/News /SILENT / Visioni dal limite della percezione

    SILENT / Visioni dal limite della percezione


    SILENT / Visioni dal limite della percezione

    19 Silent MarangoniThe ninth edition of Reggio Emilia’s Festival Aperto, with the title and theme Dispositivi Meravigliosi (Marvelous Devices), includes an innovative and extremely perceptive artistic proposal: SILENT. Visions from the limit of perception by Gabriele Marangoni. This concert, which is also a challenge at the very limits of perception, adds a vocal ensemble of 12 hearing-and-speech-impaired persons to its group of soloists.


    The writing in Silent is an increasingly mysterious journey into the unknown and into that which is only imagined, without a safety net, with no comparison. A sonic oeuvre conceived with and for those who cannot hear sounds but who can experience them physically – Gabriele Marangoni.
    The main idea is to access an extreme region of perception where sound blends into light, vibrations, and gestures. This is made possible by technological and scenic devices which allow the performers to communicate with each other and with the audience, overcoming the “barrier” of sound. On stage, as well as in the audience, the hearing impaired and the non-hearing impaired will be able to share the same musical, artistic, and human experience.

    > Saturday November 4th, 2017, 8.30 PM
    Teatro Cavallerizza, Reggio Emilia
    SILENT. Visions from the limit of perception
    by Gabriele Marangoni
    for vocal ensemble of hearing impaired persons, soprano, male voice, percussion, and live electronics
    *first performance

    Secret Theater Ensemble
    live electronics Tempo Reale
    director Dario Garegnani

    A coproduction with Ente Nazionale Sordi