Le case del malcontento, by Murmuris/Attodue - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Sound Design /Le case del malcontento, by Murmuris/Attodue

    Le case del malcontento, by Murmuris/Attodue

    Le case del malcontento, by Murmuris/Attodue

    Tempo Reale is collaborating with Murmuris/Attodue for the show “Le case del malcontento” (“The houses of discontent”) scheduled at the Materia Prima Festival on 1 and 2 March 2023, at the Ex Convent of Sant’Orsola in Via Panicale (Florence).

    “Le Case is a thousand-year old village within the back country of Maremma. This is a place like many others, with a microcosm of characters that seem to have been there forever and who look like us, but at the same time are so distant and universal.

    With this new production originated from the reading of Sacha Naspini’s 2018 novel Le Case del Malcontento, Murmuris and Attodue want to tell the story of a land where everyone is thrown to their own destiny, with its wastes, its lost expectations, its games of love and of death. In Le Case the human universe offers no redemption and shows itself with obscenity; unimaginable secrets are harboured, people sell, kill, despise each other, fortunes are lost and vengeance is planned, commending oneself to God and selling one’s own children. In Le Case life is based on superstition, one returns for salvation, one betrays and steals, one seeks a new life and rejoices for the misfortunes of others. Sometimes, however, unexpectedly, there is love.”

    From the novel by Sacha Naspini

    Featuring Simona Arrighi, Luisa Bosi, Marisa Boschi, Laura Croce, Sandra Garuglieri, Roberto Gioffrè, Francesco Mancini, Francesco Migliorini, Annibale Pavone

    Sound design Mattia Loris Siboni

    Technical management Antonella Colella, Carolina Agostini

    In collaboration with Tempo Reale

    For further information and tickets, see: https://materiaprimafestival.com/spettacoli/le-case-del-malcontento/