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    LA VOCE DEL LABIRINTO / Free Chamber Music & Tempo Reale


    LA VOCE DEL LABIRINTO / Free Chamber Music & Tempo Reale

    mirio cosottiniLA VOCE DEL LABIRINTO is a performance for electroacoustic quintet conceived by Mirio Cosottini and originated from the collaboration between Tempo Reale and Free Chamber Music, and is being presented within the 42nd edition of Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte in Montepulciano.

    The labyrinth, a place to lose oneself, a prime example of improvisation, of the constant losing and recovering the way home. Each musician will enter a bright labyrinth and will begin a sonic journey improvising. Musicians are dealing with a precise objective: leaving the labyrinth. The way to achieve this is purely musical: every time the route takes a turn, the musician must change their sound; a transformation in the labyrinth’s structure corresponds to a transformation in the musicians’ sonic route. Furthermore, the route is punctuated with a number of indications for improvisation, which enrich the musical texture, as well as with mnemonic indications, where improvisation is tied to the specific human process of memory. There are prefigurative indications, where improvisation is connected to our foreshadowing capacities, indications on the present, where improvisation highlights its verticality, notational and graphic indications, where improvisation is tied to standard notation and graphic signs, and finally textual indications, where improvisation is linked to the reading of a text.

    The labyrinth is a place where the relationship between freedom and obligations acquires specific meanings, where we are free to follow a path but forced into a complex network of possibilities. It becomes a metaphor of the entire improvisational process, where the rule and the possibility to change that rule represent its whole meaning.

    > Wednesday, July 19th, 21:30 hrs
    Piazza Grande, Montepulciano (SI)
    Conceived by Mirio Cosottini 

    trumpet Mirio Cosottini
    trombone Niccolò Pontenani
    saxophone Massimo Guerri
    horn Maurizio Cenni
    electronics Francesco Canavese