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    K&K Elektro Gesängen

    K&K Elektro Gesängen

    Palcoscenico del Teatro Valli, Reggio EmiliaSaturday, October 19th 2019, 18.00 hrs

    K&K Elektro Gesängen

    Laura Faoro – Massimiliano Viel

    Laura Faoro flute

    Massimiliano Viel ribbon controller, live electronics

    Tempo Reale sound direction (Francesco Canavese)

    Karlheinz Stockhausen, Spiral for soloist and shortwave receiver (1968)

    Karlheinz Stockhausen, Kathinkas Gesang for flute and electronics (1983)

    K&K Elektro Gesängen, in other words the electronic songs of Karlheinz (Stockhausen) and Kathinka (Pasveer). The concert highlights different aspects of spatiality, something to which Stockhausen has always been attracted in many ways. In this case the spaces are ideally terrestrial and atmospheric: the theatrical space of Kathinkas Gesang, with the scene and actions required by the author, and that of Spiral, based on radio waves, a song over airwaves.

    “In Spiral, Stockhausen has attempted to harness the creative tension of an improviser using an extremely abstract notation which indicates the processes to be implemented by the performer but also leaves them free to come across the sound materials produced by the universe and captured by the airwaves. […] The spiral is that eternal instant where the parameters of earthly mundanity are transfigured and merged with each other within the ineffable, the process that allows humans to rise to a greater reality. […] What I am performing is a version for ribbon controller and live electronics.” (M.V.)

    “The song of Kathinka is, in Samstag aus Licht, the Requiem for Lucifer, a character which Stockhausen reconsiders as the eternal imperfection, and the archetype for every earthly soul. In this sense, the Requiem is seen as ‘for every living being who searches for the eternal light’ […] The cat flutist (Samstag’s animal figure) enters the scene from a stylised coffin, and accomplishes her asceticism through a (difficult) musical ritual with movements on stage […]. Some months after the premiere, Stockhausen decided to create a new stage version for flute and six-channel electronics […]. He stated that he had obtained sounds ‘of such beauty that has never been experienced before’, which […] created ‘a magical world that surrounds the solitary voice of the flute’. This is the version I am presenting.” (L.F.)

    Produzione Fondazione I Teatri / Festival Aperto

    In collaboration with SaMPL – Conservatorio di Musica ‘C. Pollini’ di Padova