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    Giuseppe Chiari | La luce (Reggio Emilia)

    Giuseppe Chiari | La luce (Reggio Emilia)

    Sotterranei del Teatro Valli, Reggio Emilia

    Saturday, November 2nd 2019, 16.30, 17.00, 17.30, and 18.00 hrs

    Tempo Reale

    Giuseppe Chiari | La luce

    Audiovisual installation based on a 1966 score

    Light and sound project Agnese Banti, Francesco Giomi

    Technical implementation Francesco Canavese, Leonardo Rubboli

    Produced by Tempo Reale

    In collaboration with Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, Florence

    An audiovisual installation designed by Tempo Reale interpreting an original score by Giuseppe Chiari (La luce, 1966). This is a new and site-specific version of this work, a renewed exploration of this ante litteram minimalist composition by the great Fluxus artist and musician. For about 15 minutes, a small group of people is completely immersed within a dialogue between gestures of noise and of silence, of light and dark, triggering a reflection on the very meaning of music. A score for sounds and lights determines the activation of speakers and light sources, creating a specific dramaturgical journey.