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    Tempo Reale/Sound Design /Gabriele Marangoni | Metastasis

    Gabriele Marangoni | Metastasis

    Gabriele Marangoni | Metastasis

    The new digital project by Gabriele Marangoni is a full immersion into the desperate yell of planet Earth.

    The unique voice of Francesca Della Monica and the electronic processing by Damiano Meacci give life to the suffering of a dying planet, poisoned and murdered by its own children and attempting to move consciences towards a still possible cry for revolution. A sound and vision creation in 6 chapters, where the reciting voice of Nello Provenzano, who reads original texts by Marangoni himself, blends with sounds, borrowed voices, and first-hand testimonies dealing with themes going from the destruction of the planet during the Balkan War to the crumbling of the relationship with nature caused by Brazilian politics, all the way to the search for silence and the need to abandon mass consumerism.

    These three audio creations each have their own specific mode of delivery and a specific environment where they can be heard, from city traffic to water areas, with the combination of listening and environment thus becoming an integral part of the work and an inspiration for its sound construction. The full sequence of the six chapters of Metastasis is designed to be listened to with headphones and at high volume. A scream is still possible. 

    We have become the metastasis of our own living organism. With every movement we expand the cancer, we smother the breath, step by step we destroy the outer skin that protects us, we burn all hands that nourish us, we dig the killer blade of ignorance deeper into our mother’s womb.

    There is the need to act, to plant the sensitivity for necessary change into human minds. As for every dramatic time in history, today art must rediscover the power of its own language, the strength of its own gestures. A primordial force that can change consciences, and that can save the existence of a mother and of her children.

    m e t a s t a s i s is a scream.
    m e t a s t a s i s is the instant before the kill.
    m e t a s t a s i s is desperate hope.

     Sound composition and text Gabriele Marangoni
    Sound design Damiano Meacci – Tempo Reale
    Vocal performer Francesca Della Monica
    Reciting voice Nello Provenzano
    With the participation of Jeton Neziraj (Kosovo), Caterina Nitto, Graciella Chamorro (Brasil), Francesco Giomi
    Curator Giulia Soravia
    Video shooting Roberto Tonelli
    Co-production LAC- Lugano Arte Cultura, Tempo Reale


    Friday 16.04 Metastasis, Video n.1 “Thanatos”

    Friday 23.04 Metastasis, Audio n.1 “Aèras”

    Friday 30.04 Metastasis, Video n. 2 “Vanitas”

    Friday 07.05 Metastasis, Audio n.2 “Chaos”

    Friday 14.05 Metastasis, Video n. 3 “Eros”

    Friday 21.05 Metastasis, Audio n.3 “Phanes”

    All releases will be published at the following link: