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    Tempo Reale/Sound Design /Gabriele Marangoni | Metastasis (audiovisual opera)

    Gabriele Marangoni | Metastasis (audiovisual opera)

    Gabriele Marangoni | Metastasis (audiovisual opera)

    After its first, digital phase – created for the Lingua Madre project – focused on a combination of experimentation and documentary, Gabriele Marangoni’s new project continues and evolves into a live performance where the human voice becomes an expression of the absolute and a symbol of planet earth’s cry of desperation.

    Francesca Della Monica’s unique voice and Damiano Meacci’s electronic processing give life to the suffering of a dying planet, poisoned and murdered by its own children, in an attempt to stir consciences towards a cry for a revolution that is still possible. A sound creation divided into eight chapters which, through a creative and compositional process of sounds and noises, testifies to the collapse of our bond with nature, the need to find a possible silence, and the need to abandon mass consumerism.

    We have become the metastasis of our own living organism. With every movement we make, we expand the cancer, we drown the breath, step by step we destroy the skin that protects us, we burn every hand that feeds us and, illuminated by the ignorance of fatality’s smile, we sink the murdering blade of arrogance into our mother’s womb. We need to act; we must insinuate the feeling for much-needed change into human minds. As in any dramatic historical period, today art must once again rediscover the power of its own language, the strength of its own actions, a primordial force that can change minds, that can save the existence of its mother and of its children.

    Gabriele Marangoni

    Created and composed by Gabriele Marangoni
    Sound design and live electronics Damiano Meacci – Tempo Reale
    Vocal performer Francesca Della Monica
    Light design, scenic space Luigi De Angelis
    Set design and production Micol Riva
    Production LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Tempo Reale
    With support by Foundation Nestlé pour l’art

    15 Dicembre 2021 – LAC Lugano: Informations, Tickets
    21 Ottobre 2022 – Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, Firenze – LAMPI, rassegna di audiovisioni II parte
    29 Ottobre 2022 – Ancona – Cinematica Festival “Natura Naturans”