Anteros – of reciprocated love – (multimedia work) - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Sound Design /Anteros – of reciprocated love – (multimedia work)

    Anteros – of reciprocated love – (multimedia work)

    Anteros – of reciprocated love – (multimedia work)

    23 September 2022, 20.30 hrs
    Teatro Kismet, Bari
    Anima Mea Festival and Ritratti Festival present

    – of reciprocated love –
    Multimedia work
    Project and music by Gianvincenzo Cresta

    Felix Ensemble
    Marina Pellegrino, keyboard
    Vincenzo Meriani, violin
    Francesco Venga, viola
    Matteo Parisi, cello
    Massimo Felici, guitar

    Interactive electronics by Damiano Meacci and Giovanni Magaglio for Tempo Reale (Florence)

    Video scenography by Audrey Coïaniz and Saul Saguatti for BASMATI Video (Bologna)

    Choreography: Elisa Barucchieri (ResExtensa)

    Dancers: Marianna Miglio, Moreno Guadalupi

    The voice of Anteros is Carlo Bruni, text by Tiziana Drago

    Project by Associazione Culturale L’Amoroso –Anima Mea Festival (Bari) produced “with the support of MiC” – Boarding Pass Plus.

    In collaboration with:

    Euterpe Association –Ritratti Festival

    GRAME (Lyon)

    Tempo Reale (Florence)

    Res Extensa – Dance company (Bari)

    Basmati Video (Bologna)