StudioVox | Electroacoustic solos with voice - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Production /StudioVox | Electroacoustic solos with voice

    StudioVox | Electroacoustic solos with voice

    StudioVox | Electroacoustic solos with voice

    Tempo Reale’s new StudioVox cycle is fully digital, and is not a series of streaming live concerts. It is, instead, a project specifically designed for digital channels, where each musician performs “in the studio”, without an audience, in a reduced, introverted dimension.

    The human voice – which is the main theme of this cycle – acts as a bridge that allows different musical and expressive worlds to connect, having always been the most exceptional sound material of contemporary creativity: it gives form to the musicians’ sound, as they engage in a collected but surprising solo activity. Seven “solo” performers dialogue with possible, imaginary, and ethereal voices, all captured by The Factory PRD’s cameras inside the studios of Villa Strozzi and broadcasted in a context of free access, continuously available on the network’s online channel.

    Première on Tempo Reale’s official YouTube channel
    Tuesdays and Fridays from March 9th to March 30th, at 19.00 hrs

    Created by Francesco Giomi
    Musicians: Agnese Banti, Francesco Canavese, Simone Faraci, Francesco Giomi, Giovanni Magaglio, Damiano Meacci, Leonardo Rubboli.
    Set and space: Agnese Banti
    Video shooting and editing: The Factory PRD
    Audio technics: Giovanni Magaglio, Leonardo Rubboli


    Tuesday, 9 March – Simone Faraci, Echo ex machina
    Friday, 12 March – Agnese Banti, Pagina 236
    Tuesday, 16 March – Francesco Canavese, Confused Noises*
    Friday, 19 March – Damiano Meacci, Fiaba dell’ultim’ora (2/2021)
    Tuesday, 23 March – Giovanni Magaglio, Semana Humara
    Friday, 26 March – Leonardo Rubboli, Il sogno di Earwicker
    Tuesday, 30 March – Francesco Giomi, Radioscape n.1, improvisation for two radios and synthesizers

    * dedicated to David Moss, sounds from “Terrain”, “Together Before Jumping” e “That Tempest” di David Moss 

    Photo © Mario Carovani