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    Tempo Reale/Coproductions and collaborations /Breaking News! Tempo Reale Collection: new releases on October 2nd

    Breaking News! Tempo Reale Collection: new releases on October 2nd

    Breaking News! Tempo Reale Collection: new releases on October 2nd

    Tempo Reale annonces the new albums by Zumtrio and Minus, Radioscapes and ROUND, available from October 2nd, 2020

    The Tempo Reale Collection, already ten releases strong, will be joined by two new improvisational albums on October 2nd 2020, available on CD and digital formats.

    photo © Mario Carovani

    Zumtrio – Radioscapes

    Radioscapes, by Zumtrio, will be released on October 2nd, 2020, on the same day as the trio’s participation in the autumnal phase of the eighth edition of Torino Jazz Festival.

    Zumtrio is a project that originated in Florence, in Tempo Reale itself, to investigate the relationship between structure and improvisation. Zumtrio has a strongly “electric” nature, open to many different languages and methods of interaction, exploring almost limitless musical expression, with roots in the electronic avant-garde just as much as in experimental jazz and creative improvisation, and has the thrust to encourage constantly extemporaneous and surprising emotional soundscapes. The presence of a live processed analogue radio – the same one seen on the cover image – gives the music a possible interpretation that approaches an idea of plurality.

    The line-up is Francesco Canavese on electric guitar, Francesco Giomi on the aforementioned analogue radio and on synths, and Stefano Rapicavoli on drums and percussion.

    Radioscapes includes three tracks, recorded by Antonio Castiello in Tempo Reale’s headquarters in Villa Strozzi, Florence, in January 2020. Un tavolino a parte, California, and Giornate colorate will therefore allow anyone to tune into Zumtrio’s experimental experience in a strongly representative manner, in what is its first album documentation.


    Minus – ROUND

    Illustration © Valerio Immordino

    ROUND by Minus – Collettivo d’improvvisazione will be released on October 2nd, 2020, on Tempo Reale Collection.

    Minus is a collective based in Bologna, engaged in the search for new improvisational languages. The aim of their research is to find new improvisational methods aimed towards the communal construction of a musical direction, rediscovering the pleasure of listening to each other and playing instruments together. ROUND is a form of improvisation, the specific result of Minus’ research, and is the title of their first album. ROUND is a system of rules that guide the relationships between musicians while performing, and its object is to create a modular system using “construction modules and diversion modules”. ROUND is not a preordained concatenation of events: on the contrary, it describes a series of possible situations and suggests routes that performers may follow, while always leaving the right to choose. In ROUND musicians are not only invited to play an instrument, but most of all to listen, giving space to other musicians, orienting themselves towards the construction of a sense of community and not to a mere juxtaposition of individualities. When listening, one may perceive an elastic form that finds structure as it is created, where the various improvisational sections occur in a continuous cycle.

    The name Minus expresses the group’s musical philosophy, influenced by electroacoustic expressions: playing less to give each other space, identity, and community. The collective currently has six regular members (Simone Faraci, Marco Giampieretti, Giovanni Magaglio, Matteo Pastorello, Federico Pipia, and Niccolò Salvi), but often opens up to collaborations with external musicians (in this specific case, among others, Daniele Carcassi, Francesco Giomi, Francesco Perissi, and Giovanni Onorato). The collective’s members constantly experiment with different lineups. In ROUND prepared piano, objects, live electronics, synths, and samplers can be heard, but also clarinets, saxophones, a cello, electric guitar, drums, digital sets, and soundscapes.

    The four tracks in ROUND were recorded in Bologna, at MicroBo Studio, with the exception of Round #6, recorded in Florence at Tempo Reale / Studio B. The criterion for the numerical order of tracks is chronological, based on the date of recording. From a sonic point of view, four different line ups with different sounds were chosen, with just as many recording sessions planned. The tracks on the album are therefore the result of a selection of those sessions’ takes: Round #4 is distinguished by an instrumentation which is mostly composed of acoustic instruments, Round #5 by an almost “rock” instrumentation, Round #6 is purely electronic, and finally Round #7 has a mixed setting, with acoustic, electric, and electronic instruments.

    [photo © Mario Carovani]