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In the occasion of Tempo Reale Festival 2018 (section Y), scheduled in Florence at the end of September, the centre invites young Italian visual artists and musicians who may be interested in a live presentation of their works to send in their projects related to the theme of soundscapes, in two different categories:

A. Real
Audiovisual works inspired by existing sound landscapes: a city, a place, an area (please specify in registration form).

B. Imaginary
Audiovisual works inspired by imaginary sound landscapes: invented or virtual.

Both categories require presentation of a project where video and music are closely related in an experimental manner: audio only or video only projects will be refused.

The call is open to projects by young Italians (residing in Italy or in EU Member countries). In the case of groups containing non-Italians, at least one Italian musician must be a member. There are no limits to the genres or techniques to be used, but the music and the relationship with images must express the idea of experimental research. The maximum age for each creator must be 35: in case of groups (duos or trios) all members must be in compliance with this requirement.
Every participant or group of participants may present a single work, lasting no less than 4 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes. A national committee will select an amount of projects which will allow to reach a total length of about 50-60 minutes. Works selected will make up the program of a concert within the official program of Tempo Reale Festival 2018, section Y.
In the occasion of the concert all performances will be shown on a quality multichannel audio system, and a single digital video-to-screen projector will be available. Once selected, artists must provide an XGA resolution version of the video (no letterbox) and a PCM audio file (maximum configuration 7.1)
Artists selected will be invited to display their proposal and to participate in the dedicated day of the festival, which will also include a workshop dealing with the union of audiovisuals and electronic music; in this same setting they will have a chance to discuss the theme and their own projects with the other creators, with the public, and with members of the jury.
In view of this participation, Tempo Reale will provide a maximum contribution of 100€ to cover travel expenses (Tempo Reale will buy train tickets or flights in agreement with participants), plus contract conditions as required by law.

Participants in the competition must enter one good quality video related to their work within June 3rd. Pieces sent after the deadline will not be admitted to the competition. Videos must be sent to using a Youtube or Vimeo link. Audiovisual media sent with WeTransfer or other similar download services will not be considered. The video link must be accompanied by a participation form filled in accordingly.

Lelio Camilleri (composer, Bologna Conservatory)
Francesco Giomi (composer, Tempo Reale)
Andrea Gozzi (musicologist and musician)
Carla Chiti (music critic)

Andrea Gozzi –

With the support of SIAE | Progetto SIAE – Classici di Oggi