IL SUONO DELL’ACQUA | ANCONELLA acoustic-cultural awareness itinerary - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Education /IL SUONO DELL’ACQUA | ANCONELLA acoustic-cultural awareness itinerary

    IL SUONO DELL’ACQUA | ANCONELLA acoustic-cultural awareness itinerary

    IL SUONO DELL’ACQUA | ANCONELLA acoustic-cultural awareness itinerary

    Publiacqua opens the drinking water plant of Anconella to Tempo Reale’s sound walks

    On Saturday 22 October, Tempo Reale and Publiacqua are organising a soundwalk, i.e. an acoustic-cultural awareness itinerary, within Anconella’s drinking water plant. A different and intriguing way to experience and discover a work site, the modern Water Factory of the city of Florence, which is also a natural park of great beauty.


    Soundwalks are actual acoustic-cultural awareness itineraries which represent a different way to approach everyday locations, and allow to go beyond the traditional narrative of places which, in the case of Anconella, are usually described by showing visitors the process of water purification and the importance of hydric resources. The itinerary conceived in collaboration with Tempo Reale will be aimed to submerge visitors into the acoustic dimension of these places, through the sounds the site offers and to which attention is not always given, sounds that are of great importance to connote the physical, sonic, and sensorial identity of well-known parts of the city, physically close but distant in function, such as the drinking water plant and the adjacent public park.


    Research on the soundscape is one of the distinctive prerogatives of Tempo Reale’s activities, having been involved for years in studying and spreading in-depth knowledge of urban acoustic mediums and in the sonic and musical contextualization of important places in the city.

    The narration of what the Anconella drinking water plant and contiguous public park offer from a sound-based point of view becomes a chance to delve further into knowledge of the sound landscape, to which Tempo Reale always has great attention, and pairs well with Publiacqua’s desire to promote socially responsible behaviour, not only aimed at a conscious use of water but also at knowledge of the company and the industrial plants it manages, seen as elements of the urban landscape with which they coexist.

    These walks are held by composer and Tempo Reale director Francesco Giomi, who will sensitise the audience to themes such as sound landscape, acoustic ecology, sustainable cities, and quality of life, involving participants in a process open to all, without the need of a musical background. Publiacqua’s didactic operators will assist the cultural part by illustrating the characteristics of the main water treatment and purification points.


    The event, which as mentioned will be held on Saturday 22 October, has the suggestive title “Il Suono dell’acqua – Anconella percorso di sensibilizzazione acustico-culturale” (The Sound of Water – Anconella: acoustic-cultural awareness itinerary), and is curated by Francesco Giomi in collaboration with Publiacqua’s didactic operators.

    The meeting point is set at the entry of Anconella Park, in Via di Villamagna in Florence, and three visits are available, at 11.30, 15.00, 17.00 hrs. Each visit will allow access to a maximum of 20 participants.

    These activities are free of charge and with open access, but booking is required for participation, preferably within 11.00 hrs of Friday 21 October, writing to

    All itineraries last approximately one hour, and comfortable clothing and closed shoes are recommended.