TRK. Sound Club, VI edizione: APRILE - Tempo Reale

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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /TRK. Sound Club, VI edizione: APRILE

    TRK. Sound Club, VI edizione: APRILE

    TRK. Sound Club, VI edizione: APRILE

    23 April
    TRK. Sound Club
    Discomfort Dispatch #50
    With: Serena Altavilla, Marco Baldini, Maru Barucco, SADI, Irene Oppo, Valerio Orlandini, Filippo Panichi, Stefano Rapicavoli, Simone Vassallo, Sofia Weck, WJM, Francesco Zedde

    A special appointment within the TRK. Series which, having returned to its original name of “Sound Club”, in its April edition will host the fiftieth Discomfort Dispatch event, a successful total improvisation format created within the Bolognese underground by Francesco Zedde and which has since spread to many more geographical locations.

    Discomfort Dispatch represents a liminal space within the realm of sound, where artists are called to communicate and collaborate with each other, articulating their message to the audience without predetermined constraints linked to language, musical genre, or culture (Francesco Zedde)

    Within Discomfort Dispatch you end up interacting with musicians who are unknown to you, and sometimes distant from your own musical sensitivity. This is where different instances add up together: collaboration and lack of communication, respect and prevarication, dialogue and introspection, music and anti-music. All this, however, always in the name of spontaneity and of a profound sense of discovery (Francesco Giomi)

    Serena Altavilla vocals + Valerio Orlandini live electronics
    Stefano Rapicavoli drums/percussion + Sofia Weck trumpet
    Francesco Zedde drums/live electronics + WJM turntable and live electronics
    Simone Vassallo drums/electronics + Irene Oppo live electronics
    Filippo Panichi live electronics + SADI live electronics
    Marco Baldini trumpet + Maru Barucco live electronics

    Concert duration: 21.30-23.30, one may enter and exit freely throughout the event
    tickets 5€, students 3€
    Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77, Florence |
    The concert will be broadcast live on

    Listen to the podcasts here: TRK. Sound Club / USMARADIO

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