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    Tempo Reale/Festivals /TRK. Sound Club | V Edition

    TRK. Sound Club | V Edition

    TRK. Sound Club | V Edition

    Da febbraio 2020 TRK. Sound Club torna come parte del progetto di aggregazione Aundici, ideato da Tempo Reale in collaborazione con realtà e operatori culturali che programmano e diffondono musica sperimentale in Toscana: Ambient-Noise Session, Biodiversità Records, Fango Radio, NUB Project Space, Oltrarno Recordings PHASE. Sempre in sinergia con Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, partner e spazio della rassegna, la quinta edizione di TRK. sarà uno degli spazi di incontro e dialogo fra le diverse realtà di Aundici sulla ricerca musicale più sotterranea.

    Download the program of October – November 2020
    Download the program of February – April 2020


    • TRK. Sound Club curated by PHASE – 27 October [CANCELLED]
    HYPERSKATE Dj Balli featuring Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto & Luca Maccioni

    October’s appointment with TRK. Sound Club, curated by thePHASE collective, is dedicated to the artistic research of musician, DJ, record producer, and writer Riccardo Balli (a.k.a. DJ Balli), from Bologna.
    Along with Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto and Luca Maccioni, DJ Balli will present the HYPERSKATE performance at the Frittelli Arte Contemporanea gallery. This performance originates from the performative project titled In SkateBored We Noize! (2007).
    HYPERSKATE is a hybrid multimedia performance that brings many different elements into play: industrial conveyor belts, skateboards and skaters, lights, sensors, sounds, and a mixer that processes the sound results produced within the gallery space by the various actions. HYPERSKATE is a microscope that magnifies the noise of the boards, used for skating tricks or for personal transport, travelling at different speeds and thus always creating new sounds. The HYPERSKATE performance sees skateboarding as a bringer of development and horizontal participation, an action of temporary urban regeneration and, in the skaters’ performance, an intentional/unintentional echo-performative exercise.
    To open the concert, Riccardo Balli will introduce the HYPERSKATE project and, more generally, the theme of skateboarding as a “sound footprint” of the urban metropolis.

    • TRK. Sound Club curated by Ambient Noise Session – 12 November [CANCELLED]
    Giulia Deval – Terrapolis
    Devid Ciampalini – Sorgente

    Giulia Deval (1993) works in the field of multimedia and voice. Her research, close to the idea of fictioning, i.e. a set of practices connected to fiction and writing used by visual artists, operates in a hybrid territory halfway between sound experimentation and writing, and between performance and live sets. For this occasion she is presenting Terrapolis, her new work due for release by Ambient Noise Session. Inspired by the book Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene (Experimental Futures) by Donna J. Haraway (Duke University Press Books, 2016; It. ed. Chthulucene. Sopravvivere su un pianeta infetto, Nero Editions, 2016), Terrapolis is an immersion through organic, analogue, and digital sounds which is seamless but with well-defined moments, drawn from the images presented in the book and from new points of interest, along with a dedication to Native American activist Leonard Peltier. •• Devid Ciampalini (1988) is a musician and composer, and a founder of the Ambient Noise Session collective. His research is related to improvisation and composition of electronic music, which he creates using synthesizers, field recordings, and magnetic tape. His work lies on the border between kosmische musik and musique concrète. Between 2011 and 2016 he has performed in various ensembles, such as Metzengerstein, Holy Hole, and Flocculi, releasing albums and performing live throughout Europe. He is currently part of the New Jooklo Age trio, formed with Jooklo Duo, and is pursuing his solo project named Luce Celestiale. For TRK. Sound Club he is presenting Sorgente, his solo recording debut to be released by the Canti Magnetici label, curated by Donato Epiro.


    February – April

    • Thursday, February 20th, Frittelli Arte Contemporanea
    TRK. Sound Club curated by Oltrarno Recordings
    Ing. Ciapetti

    The first appointment with TRK. Sound Club is curated by Oltrarno Recordings, a record label based in Florence and Berlin which explores the new frontiers of electronic, experimental, and club music. The evening will be divided into two sets: label co-founder Ing. Ciapetti opens with a concert presenting new compositions, where field recordings and synthesizers merge with electric instruments, creating multicolour worlds of sound. Next on stage is Stromboli, an ambient-noise project by Nico Pasquini, presenting Ghosting, his latest published recording, recently published by Oltrarno Recordings (January 2020), the result of a complex and refined creative process where constantly changing volumes of sound intersect with obsessive rhythms.

    Concert begins at 21.00 hrs, admission 5€
    Galleria Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, via Val di Marina 15, Florence (Novoli)

    • March 10 2020, Frittelli Arte Contemporanea [CANCELLED]
    TRK. Sound Club curated by Tempo Reale
    Andrej Cebski
    David Toop & Rie Nakajima

    (17.00 hrs, free admission, RICERCA RADICALE | In conversation with David Toop)
    The 2020 edition of experimental music event series TRK. Sound Club has joined the Aundici integration project, created by Tempo Reale in collaboration with other initiatives that promote experimental music in Tuscany. The event in March, curated by Tempo Reale, opens with a conversation with composer David Toop, in collaboration with the University of Florence’s PhD in History of Arts and Entertainment, and continues with another double concert: electronic musician Andrej Cebski will present three works constructed over the tempo and the gestures that make up the perfection of sound. Immediately afterwards, sound artist Rie Nakajima and David Toop will present the results of their artistic collaboration which explores – and confuses – the boundaries of sound and space, time and nature, recreating unpredictable sonic and visual settings.

    Concert begins at 21.00 hrs, admission 5€
    Galleria Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, via Val di Marina 15, Florence (Novoli)

    • Thursday, 23 April, Frittelli Arte Contemporanea[CANCELLED]
    TRK. Sound Club curated by PHASE and Biodiversità Records
    Sbrilly Sbratti

    April’s appointment with the TRK. Sound Club experimental music review, within the calendar of Aundici, is curated by PHASE, an artistic and curatorial collective based in Prato, and Biodiversità Records, a record label based in Florence. The concert begins with the live set of Sbrilly Sbratti, an electronic musical project that originated in Rome, in 2017, which escapes all attempts at categorisation and presents a work titled Machines Rêveuses. Rave in the Shell has been published by Biodiversità Records. This is followed by a performance by EVOL, a Spanish computer music duo formed by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp, which explores the boundaries between experimental music and techno. EVOL, who define their own sound as “Acid Mereotopology”, have published their records on Diagonal, iDEAL, Presto!?, Editions Mego, Entr’acte, and for Alku, a label founded by the duo.

    Concert begins at 21.00 hrs, admission 5€
    Galleria Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, via Val di Marina 15, Florence (Novoli)

    Wednesday 8 July, 20.00 hrs, Terrazza di Villa Strozzi
    TRK. Sound Club curated by Biodiversità Records and Tempo Reale
    Echo Terapia
    Matteo Castro


    For the first time, July’s event will be held outdoors, in full respect of all safety measures so as to create an unprecedented listening experience directly linked to open air enjoyment. The concert’s location is the panoramic terrace located behind Villa Strozzi, inside the park and overlooking Florence. The event will host two sets: a live set by Echo Terapia (presented by Biodiversità Records) and an electronic improvisation by Matteo Castro (presented by Tempo Reale).
    More info.

    Admission 5€
    Audience members are invited, if they so wish, to bring their own beach towels to sit on.

    #aundici is a project by Ambient-Noise Session, Biodiversità Records, Fango Radio, NUB Project Space, Oltrarno Recordings,and PHASE coordinated by Tempo Reale
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